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The Money is Coming

The Money is Coming

How much money you make and attract is directly controlled by how you think.

Money manifesting is not about writing a cheque to yourself and sitting back on your sofa, waiting for it to arrive, and it also isn’t woo-woo magic and fairy dust. This is about breaking down the all-encompassing power that is MONEY, training your mind to understand that it’s something that anyone can make through the power of mindset.

Through a series of exercises, rituals and psychological theories you can re-programme your brain to break down any negative thoughts you have inherited and replace it with new thought patterns and positive attitudes that give you the opportunity to make, have and experience more than you’ve ever believed you could.

This step-by-step plan combines a witty, down-to-earth give and take between a spiritual, open-hearted gaze into the universe and solid pragmatism. It takes the seemingly mystical world of the Law of Attraction and makes it simple, logical and no bullshit. This book will help a new generation overcome their insecurities and negative programming to formulate their own journey to a wealthier, happier life.

Genre: Health & Personal Development / Self-help & Personal Development

On Sale: 27th August 2020

Price: £10.99

ISBN-13: 9780349425764